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Production Music Library

Music has always been an aid to everyone who has known its importance. But it has never been too easy for the creators as creating music also needs the sole understanding and essence. And there lie the difficulties. Because licensing involves not only providing royalty to one person, it also considers the label, the artists, songwriters and ultimately the publisher. The house production library establishes licensing for the composition team including the songwriters and the publishers and on the other hand, the master recording team, which includes the artists and the labels thus the entire process can be expensive. But some music production libraries follow the rules of negotiations to make it look affordable. And if you are an amateur singer, who has begun to think of licensing and similar kinds of stuff, then probably you should have some knowledge about the production music library. But well, whatever fits you. Find the perfect music from our production music library and choose high-quality vocal songs from various musical genres for TV, film, and media productions. Let us list some for you:

1. Jazz Blues Vocal Songs

It is one of the hit compositions by Dominic Kelly. Once you listen to it, we are sure, that you will groove to the tunes of the song. One of the famous and primary hits from our music production libraries.

2. Pop Chill Vocal Songs

It is an album of our vocal songs that is a feature. It has the theme of love., heartbreak, new beginnings, and finally empowerment. Don’t you think it’s a fit for the next love song you are looking for? Hit it up. What are you waiting for?

3. Hawaiian Inspired Vocal Songs

If you are missing out on the young passionate love of the teenage, then this is where you should have come looking for, at the ProductionSong. The song has a wild mixture of young love. Grove into its tune now.

4. Blues Rock Vocal Songs

It is an album collection of twenty songs that are basically based on the rock genre. If you want something to rock your music taste, then this is it. Don’t go looking for someone or something else. Just grove into the beats of this tune and let the music flow in.

Our production music library has huge fame and when being featured on the NCIS New Orleans, The Young and The Restless and many more. We look into the needs of the people and deliver quality content on their popular demand. Our production music library has impeccable taste, and we are not lying about it. Come, have a look. So, come hit it up with us. Join us now.

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