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How to Get Song Rights to Use for Film?

Are you a filmmaker? Then you must be aware of the importance of music and songs for short films to make them successful! Adding music and songs to your film is inevitable. That could be an end song for a film or start song, or multiple songs! However, that requires songs rights for the film, and there comes the million-dollar question, 'How to get the song rights for the film!" How does one contact famous artists to get permission? Indeed sounds overwhelming and confusing. Here is the solution! You could be a filmmaker or YouTube star, music supervisor, producer, editor, or director. Still, you will require the song rights for the film before you use the music and song in your movie to enhance your audio-visual creations. Then comes your idea of using royalty-free stock music, but it isn't worth it! It won't strike a chord and excite your audience, and your film can fall flat! Also, on the other hand, you cannot use the music without getting permission! Your dilemma ends here! You can get in touch with music-right organizers like, who showcase an array of songs and music to choose from their website that best suits your film. Next what? You procure the theme for the short film with its rights. Isn't that wonderful? Start your exploration here!

Let's understand the kinds of licenses or song rights for a film that you would require:

So basically, there are two kinds of song rights for the film involved:

  1. The musical composition

  2. The sound recording

A synchronization license for a song for short films is a license that allows you to use the musical composition in an audio-visual work. However, this kind of song rights for the film doesn't give you the right to use the sound recording made famous by the recording artists.

Hence, you require a master's use license. The master use license and a sync license will permit you to add your favorite songs to the films.

The best way to get song rights for the film is simply by music rights organizations that provide you with an array of artists and their songs at a click of a button on their website. You choose the music and song for your short film, and then they are responsible for providing you with the song rights for the short film. One of the best is, which leads in this sphere and provides production songs and music for television, film, internet, and advertising. Their songs are featured on NCIS, The Young & the Restless, NCIS New Orleans, NCIS Hawai'i, Lifetime Films, Hallmark Channel, Wicked Tuna, Dateline, and many other television shows.

To get your hands on professional vocal songs for use in television and film productions and web-based and corporate advertising production, is the website to visit. Please stop by their production song licensing portal and look at the artists and songs available for licensing today.

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