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Mission provides high quality vocal songs in many different musical genres, professionally written and produced, specifically designed for easy, affordable, and fast song licensing for any production. is perfect for networks, music supervisors, producers, editors, directors, executive producers, corporate executives, podcast creators, vlog creators, and anyone else needing pre-cleared, high quality vocal songs licensed for their media productions.

About showcases the songs written and produced by curated songwriters and producers from the United States and internationally. provides production songs and music  for television, film, internet, and advertising. Our songs have been featured on NCIS, The Young & the Restless, NCIS New Orleans, NCIS Hawai'i, Lifetime Films, Halmark Channel, Wicked Tuna, Dateline, and many others television shows. We provide professional vocal songs for use in television and film productions, as well as web based, and corporate advertising productions.
A curated, diverse, and ever expanding selection of professional vocal songs in many styles, from Jazz Blues, Pop Chill, Country Rock, Dance Pop, Island Reggae, to Singer Songwriter, are available for easy and affordable pre-cleared licensing. Blanket licenses also available. Stop by our production song licensing portal and hear some of our songs available for licensing. We look forward to hearing about your latest productions!


The vision of is to provide a smooth and easy process for networks, production companies, directors, producers, television editors, film editors, music supervisors, vlog creators, podcast producers, and more to license high quality production vocal songs in many different musical genres. To assist in fulfilling the artistic visions of the creators and professionals we work with.

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