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Hard Rock Vocals

Hard Rock Vocals, Hard Rock Vocal Songs for Production

Hard Rock Vocal Songs in the spirit of the heavy, distorted, and punk attitude bands that dominated guitar driven hard rock music. With high energy, raw and irreverent  attitude, these authentic rock & roll anthems will bring a rocking, raw, tough energy to your television, web, and film productions. Professionally written songs, and performed by professional male vocalists, this unique genre of vocal songs for affordable production song licensing, is hard to find. Inspired by artists such as  AC/DC, Buzzcocks, Green Day, The Strokes, Van Halen, The Misfits, White Stripes, Aerosmith, The Stooges, The Offspring, Pixies, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Fall Out Boy, Weezer, and so many more. These hard hitting rock & roll vocal songs are authentic ass kickers. All song are professionally written and recorded, in lossless .wav and .mp3 formats. Perfect for music supervisors, directors, producers, music editors, vloggers, or for any professional production where vocal songs are needed in the Hard Rock style.

Hard Rock Vocal Production Music

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