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Our production songs, with a focus on quality over quantity, are written by professional songwriters, and are performed by exceptionally talented professional vocalists from all over the United States and the world. We produce unique and creative production songs that foster emotional connections with audiences of our discerning clientele's exceptional television, film and advertising productions.  Our ever-expanding production song catalog is composed with the highest production quality in mind. For easy, affordable, pre-cleared licensing of vocal production songs sign up for Click on the album images to listen to some of our production vocals available for licensing now.

Our Songs in Action provides high quality vocal songs in various different musical genres, professionally written and produced, specifically designed for easy, affordable, and fast song licensing for television, film, and media productions. From elegant and timeless Jazz Blues vocal songs to Pop and  EDM contemporary songs, to Country Rock, and Blues Rock, & Island Reggae songs, we hope that you will find songs that help to fulfill your artistic visions, and bring a human connection to your productions.

Song placements featured on: NCIS New Orleans, The Young and the Restless, NCIS, NCIS Hawai'i, Dateline and more.  Search Production Songs Now

Featured Production Song Vocals Album

Pop Chill Vocals

Pop Chill Vocal Songs

With themes of love, heartbreak, new beginnings, and empowerment, these unique Pop Chill Vocal Songs will bring a youthful  contemporary spirit to your television and film productions. Professionally written songs and performed by professional female vocalists, pre-cleared, and affordable production song licensing of laidback cool Pop Chill vocal tracks. Inspired by legendary artists such as Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, S.Z.A, H.E.R, Beyonce, Pink, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aaliyah, Sade, Erykah Badu, Lady Gaga, Ella Mai, Rita Ora, HALIENE, Ellie Goulding, Dua Lipa, Jennifer Hudson, Victoria Monet, Pink, Rihanna, and more. These chill pop vocals songs are powerful and soulful production music, with a young and current edge, and will bring a freshness and  exuberance to any film and TV productions. All song are professionally written and recorded, in lossless .wav and .mp3 formats. Perfect for directors, producers, editors, vloggers, or for any professional production music vocal songs needed in the Pop-Chill style.

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Music in Motion was founded by Dominic Kelly, a songwriter, composer and producer of production songs and music for television, film, web, and advertising. He studied Jazz music at Berklee College of Music, and received a BA in classical music from Loyola Marymount University.

Dominic's songwriting styles and songs are extraordinarily diverse, and his songs have been featured on NCIS, The Young & the Restless, NCIS New Orleans, NCIS Hawai'i, Wicked Tuna, Dateline, Lifetime films, Hallmark films, and many other television shows and films.

Dominic wrote the global hit song "Marijuana" for Cheech & Chong and Lou Adler, the legendary music producer. Dominic has scored films such as The Lather Effect, starring Connie Britton and Peter Facinelli, and Full Tilt Boogie, both directed by Sarah Kelly, and Full Tilt Boogie produced by Quentin Tarantino.

Dominic also has written much instrumental music for film & TV, including much of the electronic music that can be heard playing in Abby's forensic lab scenes on NCIS, for 15 seasons.

Dominic Kelly Songwriter Producer - Search Songs

Easy song licensing

Are you in need of music production companies to license a song? But some of the popular music production companies are overwhelming? We at deal with production music, specifically vocal song licensing, and will help you with easy song licensing. A smooth and easy process, one affordable price, for any of our songs, for any commercial use of the songs. Apart from providing you with easy song licensing, we like to mention that we are one of the most approchable music production companies to work with, that can we can provide you with affordable easy song licensing. Here are some details of our easy song licensing.

Why should you utilize us for easy song licensing?

We, at ProductionSong always keep an eye for quality over quantity.  Come to our production music song search website, we will help you to license a song.

We always offer easy and affordable song licensing. If you are a music supervisor, editor, producer, director, vlog creator, ad executive, or anyone who is a professional in these creative industries, try us out! We assure you we will not disappoint with our easy song licensing.

We, at ProductionSong always try to give you the ease of royalty free music sites but with the quality and classic taste of a boutique production music library. We can offer individual service unlike some of the more massive popular music production companies, and we also offer custom songs written specifically for your production needs.

Here are some of the different genres of which we provide easy song licensing in
Music genres that we provide easy and affordable song licensing in:

If you are looking for songs that are inspired and in the genres mentioned specifically above, then you have found your destination for easy and affordable song licensing.

Click Here to search our production vocal songs library for easy & affordable song licensing.

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